Our Transcription Platform

The Basics - Dictating Audio and Viewing Reports

Use handhelds or call in toll-free – whatever works for you!
Moving along with the direction of the industry, HIS does not use analog tape recorders. You can use any of the latest digital handheld voice recorders such as models from Sony, Olympus, or Phillips, and simply transfer the files to our secure servers. Dictate at your convenience at any time from anywhere.

You can also choose to dictate over toll -free lines into our digital dictation system just as you would in a hospital setting. You are free to dictate multiple reports in the same job if you would like to do so. Whichever way you dictate, we will transcribe the reports in the format of your choice and return them to you electronically within 24 hours.

For our clients who are new to digital recorders, we strongly recommend them. A handheld digital recorder works much like an analog recorder , except that it produces a digital sound file. Digital recorders produce better sound quality and facilitate higher accuracy in transcription. Digital sound files are easily uploaded to our secure website. For clients with volumes of between 250 and 500 dictations a month, we recommend the Olympus DS-2400 or the Philips DPM-9370. For a higher volume clinic, with at least 500 dictations a month , we recommend the Olympus DS-3400 or the Philips DPM-9500. You are , of course, welcome to use any recorder you are comfortable with that produces a .,dss, .wma , or compressed .wav format.

Use secure access to view reports from any web connection.
You can view your reports on-line and download additional copies as well. We use multi-level security protection and encryption as per HIPAA guidelines.

We provide all this at extremely competitive rates. Rates are based on the mode of dictation and volume. You can easily meet our minimum volume, which is 30-50 reports a month.

How our system works for clinics, group practices & individual practitioners

HIS Inc. works closely with each client to analyse their requirements and to meet their specific documentation needs.

Physicians dictate to one of the following - their own digital handhelds, the on-site digital dictation systems of your hospital, or to our state-of-the-art digital dictation system, the DVI Voice Power 2000, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Digital voice files are transmitted to our servers. All incoming data is captured on high availability fault tolerant systems.

The voice files are validated for any communication errors, decoded and transcribed in the desired format by highly qualified, full time transcriptionists. All dictation and transcription systems are HIPAA compliant.

The completed reports in the desired formats are returned electronically to the client utilizing standard HL7, ChartScript, or other desired formats. We can return reports in a format compatible with all major EMR systems.
Customised reports are generated to help each client track the dictation, transcription, and delivery of the reports by the various systems.

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